7 Go-To Tips for your Engagement Photos

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

CONGRATS! You just got engaged!! You're probably playing with your ring, watching it sparkle in the light, absolutely glowing with love and excitement. You're probably asking yourself "What do I do first?" All the stress and questions from family members and friends come rolling in, and you don't have any of the answers to their questions!! That is why I'm here to help! First things first: Engagement Photos

Now is the time to celebrate with your love and document this incredible time in your lives. Engagement photos are meant to be fun-- something special to look back on. You get to play around, dance with each other, and just be truly, madly, deeply in love. If this is your first time being professionally photographed, it can be a little nerve racking, right? Well, don't worry with Madison Diane Photography, you will hardly notice I'm there. Here are a few of my go-to tips - from styling to picking your location, this should help take at least one worry off your busy fiancé planning mind.

1.) Set your background

The location of your shoot should set the stage for the look you're going for. You can create a story through your photos with the location and outfits you tie together. Here are a few of my favorite engagement location ideas to get you started: meadows + open fields, downtown city, coffee shop, ice cream shop, candy store, or boating dock. Just a few ideas:)

2.) Coordinate

Find a way to coordinate without looking to "matchy." While you don't want to look like twins, you still want to feel balanced. One thing to remember is you don't have to be wearing the same exact color. You can have similar colors or accent pieces to bring you outfits together. Style-wise make sure you both match the overall "feel" of your look (i.e., if you're going to wear an elegant dress, make sure to dress him up a little too).

3.) Let it Flow

From the right angles and in the right weather, a flowy dress or skirt can give your look more dimension and romance. You can almost feel the the light wind through the picture. Take into consideration having a flowy dress or skirt!

4.) Options

It is generally recommended that you bring several different outfits to your engagement session. I typically recommend 2-3 outfits, depending on the location or how much time you have. Even if you don't end up changing into 3 completely different outfits, it's nice to have a few options, depending on what your photographer recommends. Guys don't always change their whole outfit, instead they might change out their shirt or jacket.

5.) Go Glam

This is a great time to have a “trial” with your wedding day makeup artist. Plus, it’s true that a little more dramatic makeup and hair is often needed in photographs (mascara/eyeliner/lashes as well as lipstick/blush). Occasionally I'll have a bride who calls me before or after her shoot, worried that the makeup was too dramatic for her normal taste, unsure of how it will look in photographs. Nearly every time, it actually photographs PERFECTLY — so feel free to kick the beauty enhancements up a notch, but not too much to where you don't feel comfortable. Also, it’s not a bad idea to get a manicure. Your new bling will be the star in these pictures.

6.) Have a Cold One

Not only does a little bubbly photograph well, but what a fun way to kick back and relax during you session (of course with consideration given to safe driving ;). I tell all my couples to bring something that they can use as a "prop" that they can have fun with for a minute to loosen up.

7.) FUN

Have FUN! Being engaged is an incredibly fun and short period of your (future married) lives together. Focus on being yourself. Don't try to be someone else's Pinterest board. Hang out and interact with each other the way you normally do. Fix you eyes on your love, focus on all the reasons you adore them, and try to forget the camera. Goof around, be silly, play and laugh! Be you!